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Managing Our Strengths in Our Sphere of Influence

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The War of Words

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A Leader’s Most Important Choices

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A Simplified Approach to Accountability

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Mourning Our Loss of Civility

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Leadership Implosion

I grew up as a passionate Philadelphia sports fan. In light of my lifelong love of the game of baseball, …Read More

Every Day is a Gift

The most important lessons we will ever learn as leaders are the relational lessons we learn through life. These relational …Read More

Leadership: The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage. Anyone who is living in the world of business is aware that the concept of competitive advantage has …Read More

Building an Accountable Life

The concept of accountability has been given a “black eye” that it does not deserve. This is primarily because the …Read More

The Power of Purpose

Mark Twain captured the power of purpose in our lives when he expressed, “The two most important days in your …Read More